History of the QUALIPOL association

QUALIPOL as an association and also the General Licensee of the QUALICOAT / QUALANOD / QUALIDECO / QUALISTEELCOAT quality systems in Poland originated from the need to organize the market of aluminum coatings for the construction industry. QUALICOAT and QUALANOD quality systems were the first certifications available in Poland through companies with foreign origins that were operating in Poland. Their parent companies, producing protective and decorative coatings on aluminum substrates intended for use in architecture, already had such a quality marks (the license to use the QUALICOAT or QUALANOD mark is granted to the coating or anodizing plant).

Companies supplying chemical preparations for surface preparation and coating materials, whose products are used in the processes of making protective coatings and are also subject to certification, also participated in the process of establishing the QUALIPOL Association. Polish science institutions represented by industry institutes also made a very significant contribution by promoting the quality systems of coatings on aluminum products. The activities of its representatives led to the accreditation of research laboratories and the nomination of independent inspectors performing control functions in licensed plants.

The establishment of the Association had its objective conditions, but as in any such undertaking, the actions of specific people were behind it. Their initiative and willingness to cooperate in promoting high-quality aluminum products on the construction market led to the registration and final establishment of the QUALIPOL Association on October 24, 2000.