Specifications QUALICOAT

Specifications for a quality label for liquid and powder coatings on aluminium for architectural applications 

text of the QUALICOAT Specifications 2022 MASTER version  valid from 1.01.2022 (updates 05-12 included)
US05 Requirements on fire combustibility applicable 1.01.2022
US06 Requirements for the laboratory equipment at the coating applicator applicable 1.01.2022
US07 10+2rule_for_the_chemical_pretreatment_system_assessment applicable 1.01.2022
US08 Use of modal verbs in the QCT Specifications applicable 1.01.2022
US09 Wording clarifications in sections 3.4 and 3.5 applicable 1.01.2022
US10 Clarifications for Chapter 4 Approval of Organic Coatings 1.01.2022
US11 New RAL colors and amended list of class 2 critical colors 1.01.2022
US12 QUALICOAT 3.0 1.01.2022
P-EVA - Procedure for evaluating inspection results
P-AP - Appeals Procedure
Guideline for Remote Inspection for Coater Plants
  Licensed coaters & approved products QUALICOAT