Specifications QUALICOAT

Specifications for a quality label for liquid and powder coatings on aluminium for architectural applications 
text of the QUALICOAT Specifications 2024 MASTER version V1 valid from 1.01.2024
SPEC 2023-US01 - Introduction of off-site anodic pretreatment.pdf
SPEC 2023-US04 - Introduction of Postforming - V02.pdf
SPEC 2023-US07 - Combination of wet adhesion and boiling water test.pdf
SPEC 2023-US09 - Conductivity of final rinse and dripping water.pdf
SPEC 2023-US10 - AASS Maximum length of infiltration.pdf
SPEC 2023-US11 - APPENDIX A6 - Various adjustments.pdf
SPEC 2023-US12 - NEW Appendix A6b - Procedure for the approval of new pretreatments.pdf
SPEC 2023-US13-  Evaluation method of Martindale test.pdf
SPEC 2023-US14 - Class 3 Metallic extension, suspended colours and critical colours.pdf
SPEC 2023-US15 - Various adjustments - V03.pdf
P-EVA - Procedure for evaluating inspection results_V04_with effect from 2023.07.01
P-PEVA-PM Procedure for the evaluating inspections of powder manufacturing plants
P-AP - Appeals Procedure
Guideline for Remote Inspection for Coater Plants
  Licensed coaters & approved products QUALICOAT